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HSE Policy

Our business involved with some potentially hazardous activities, health, safety and environmental impact are high on our agenda. Our attitude towards HSE is further reinforced by the fact that a lot of what we do is done on our client's premises and often under potentially hazardous operating conditions. We encourage a culture where everybody involved values and assumes responsibility for HSE. Our proactive approach is driven and monitored by HSE committee supported by our senior management team who benchmark and develop performance through audit and awareness initiatives. Our commitment to ensuring safety and protecting both human and environmental welfare is evidenced by our track record. We strictly follows the safety as per AERB safety guidelines. In 43 years of continuous service we have had no fatalities and no serious injuries.


IRICO is committed to :-

  • Make sure that all activities are conducted in a professional way with appropriate safeguards against exposing employees and general public to risk to their safety health.

  • Cooperate with all parties to create and promote the safe working environment.

  • Maintain its responsibilities on society and preserve the environment.

  • Carry out the work all time in compliance with local and government (AERB) regulations.

  • Promote the knowledge and awareness of health, safety and environment matters in which all IRICO staff participate in developing of this commitment.

IRICO Policy

  • Conducts its activities and co-operates with all parties in compliance with all statutory requirements.

  • Keeps and carries out its responsibilities for health, safety and environmental matters through its management team to its employees at all level for implementing this policy in line with client’s HSE Guidelines.

  • Establishes working procedures and provides technical information with consideration of proper measures to prevent and protect against any damages on human resources and environment.

  • Promotes safety consciousness and familiarization with safety procedures, policy and regulations among its staff through safety meetings, safety induction, and safety training.


We IRICO would like to solicit your feedback in regards to our Health, Safety, and Environmental performance. We will do all that we can to address all concerns as quickly and completely as possible.

All comments, concerns, or questions on our Environmental performance can be directed specifically to We encourage you to take a moment and contact us.

Corporate Profile


IRICO has been accreditated with ISO 9001-2008 by Joint Accreditation system of Australia and New Zealand and International Certification Services in all disciplines of Non Destructive testing and Casting Upgradation. IRICO is Also accreditated with NABL (National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories) ISO/ IEC-17025: 2005.

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